March 18, 2010

Actor Goundamani | Goundamani Died | Tamil Actor Goundamani | Goundamani Death Rumor

Today the rumor flying around the world about the tamil comedy actor Goundamani. Few days before Goundamani admitted in hospital for breath problem. From today morning onwards news are coming from various sources said Goundamani died. But still no sources confirmed his death. Fans are really confused and getting shocked after hearing this rumor.

Goundamani is a well known comedian in Tamil cinema industry , that he had acted more than 800 films . In some films, he plays major roles like hero and villian too. Jakkubai is the final movie released which has comedy scenes of Goundamani. Still Fans are waiting to get the actual status of Goundamani health issue. Hope, he will be fine soon.

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